Our Zeolite, Bentonite, and Montmorillonite are the finest minerals that Death Valley (Mojave Desert) has to offer. Even our Kaolin from the Kern River Valley is so clean, pristine, bright and white. 

Nothing compares to the consistency of a linear supply chain where we not only mine and size reduce our own minerals, but we also refine into various mesh grades of powder and granules.

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There are many practical applications, learn more below.
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Soil Amendment

Enriching soil with clay boosts the dirt with trace minerals that help vegetation grow. The result is evident in their size and robustness of flavor that the vegetation is healthier than without mineral supplementation.

Organic Farming

Our clay is OMRI Organic Certified and suitable to use for organic farming. It meets the highest standard in agriculture and can be used for soil amendments as well as livestock feed.


Clay can help material to compost into a rich mineral dense fertilizer for planting and producing crops.

Manure Composting & Odor Reduction
Because of the highly absorbent properties, mixing mineral clays with manure and fertilizer can help reduce the odor that is emitted. The clay acts as an odor control agent because of its ability to absorb and adsorb liquids gases, and suspended matters – including methane, carbon dioxide, and sulfur compounds.
Slow Release Water Management
Because of the highly absorbent properties, mixing mineral clays with manure and fertilizer can help reduce the odor that is emitted. The clay acts as an odor control agent because of its ability to absorb and adsorb liquids gases, and suspended matters – including methane, carbon dioxide, and sulfur compounds.

Minerals found in clay is a popular natural solution for gardening. The mineral supplementation boosts the health of soil and overall crop yield.

Increase crop yield and density by adding a diversity of vitamins and minerals plus water retention, allowing for greater results in natural growing environments.


Animal Feed
Mineral clays are used with standard animal feed to boost an animal’s immune systems and alkalize the gut. These minerals can take the form of salt licks, top feed, or be mixed with water.
Dairy Cows/Cattle
Mineral enrichment has shown to reduce mycotoxins and aflatoxins in dairy cows and cattle. Studies have shown a significant reduction of mycotoxins in the milk of dairy cows and increased maturation in cattle.

Studies have shown that mineral supplementation for pigs significantly reduces stress levels and reach maturation level for slaughter at an average of 2 weeks earlier. Pigs were fighting less and after feeding, would return to their areas for a nap. Before mineral supplementation, these pigs would normally fight.

Mineral supplementation for fish has been shown to increase size of fish as well as fertility and health of the eggs that were laid. Using minerals in the water can also help filter the water fish are living in.

Minerals introduced into daily feed can reduce toxicity and provide a diverse and enriched diet for increased size, better health, reduced outbreaks, and egg production.

Animal Husbandry
Enriching livestock and pet diets with minerals have been proven to yield higher production, boost immunity, and decrease stress levels with less cost to the environmental and a totally natural solution.
Pet Food Additives
Mineral supplementation in domestic pets is becoming increasingly popular over the last several years as pet owners are learning about the real benefits livestock are reaping from a completely natural solution. Minerals can be an additive to food or mixed in during processing for pet producers.


Slurry Walls & Embankments
Bentonite is often used to build slurry walls due to its ability to flex and swell, yet remain structured. It is highly absorbent and adsorbent, making it a naturally logical solution.
Cement & Mortar
Different clays are used for cement and mortar purposes. Bentonite aids in the water retention, keeping the cement and mortar pliable without being watery. Gypsum aids in dalying setting to allow proper application as well as cooling of the chemical reaction that takes place when making cement.
Asphalt & Roads
In the construction industry, clay improves asphalt’s quality and durability to maintain throughout the years. The substance created is more dense and flexible due to its ability to fill in the smaller cracks while also swelling and absorbing moisture with the constant moisture changes throughout the day and seasons. It is also a natural alternative to other fillers, leaving less impact at the site of use.
Pond Linings

Using Bentonite as a slurry for pond liner is an extremely natural and effective solution. It has taken off in recent years in the man made lake building industry as a quick and organic solution. Plus you can do this without draining the pond beforehand.

Landfill Liners

To reduce seepage and maintain an impermeable barrier, bentonite is commonly used in the lining of landfills as a natural method to keep landfills contained for years to come.

Landscape Maintenance

Clay is used all across the landscape field. From soil amendments, to water purification, to building man-made ponds, and even maintaining the appearance of natural and artificial turf, there are multiple functions and uses for clay.

Golf Courses
Golf turf is one of the largest consumers of clay. The clay helps maintain the turf and golfing area without additional care and cost.
Artificial Turf Infill & Liner
Zeolite is a natural, inert, and organic solution to turf lining and infill. Many of the existing artificial turf out there that has rubber infill is slowly being replaced by Zeolite as a safer alternative.

What is Zeolite?


Zeolite is commonly known as the ‘rock sponge’ for being able to hold half its weight in liquid. With its strong Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), Zeolite is able to simultaneously absorb heavy metals while locking them away within its ‘cage-like’ molecular structure.

Formed millions of years ago from volcanic ash, Zeolite is the mineral of a thousand uses, most notably as a fly ash replacement for concrete production, as an artificial turf-infill for lawns and golf courses, as water filtration, and is the ideal organic livestock amendment for addressing mycotoxins and aflatoxins for ideal protein synthesis.

Replace Fly Ash For Zeolite in Concrete

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Zeolite production typically generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to fly ash production, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR): Zeolite has been found to mitigate ASR in concrete, a common cause of concrete deterioration. This can extend the lifespan of structures.

Environmental Regulations: In regions where fly ash usage is restricted or regulated due to environmental concerns, zeolite can be a compliant alternative, ensuring that construction projects meet regulatory requirements.

Cost Savings Over Time: Although Zeolite may initially be more expensive than fly ash, its long-term benefits, such as reduced maintenance and improved performance, can lead to cost savings over the life of a construction project.

Earth & Farming

  • Improve water & nutrient retention at the root zone, re-releasing back into the roots and soil for extended periods of time
  • Increase tilth & soil structure for maximized growth conditions of air, soil, and water
  • Reduce leaching & run off of water and nutrients by holding onto moisture
  • Nurture beneficial microbial life for optimal, healthy ‘living’ soil.

Stall & Barn

Our Zeolite is the perfect base layer animal bedding solution. With its ability to absorb and adsorb liquid, toxins, ammonia, and odors, Zeolite is a great way to maintain a clean and healthy animal population and barn.

Pen & Feed

Zeolite is the ultimate digestive aid & dietary supplement for livestock, dairy & poultry. By absorbing and adsorbing mycotoxins and aflatoxins in the feed and intestinal tract, Zeolite is able to help them pass through the system thereby contributing to increased protein synthesis and more thorough digestion in the animals as well as a reduced need for veterinarian visits and antibiotics.

Invest in the health and well-being of your valued assets.


Phase 01

Raw ore is extracted from our mine deep in the Mojave Desert

Trucks transport the material directly to our processing facility

Phase 02
Milling & Screening

Raw ore is milled into a fine powder of various mesh grades

Raw ore can also be screened into granules of virtually any size

Phase 03

Finished product can be packaged in super sacks, 50 lb bags, smaller bag sizes, as well as buckets

After palletizing the order, we are now ready to ship

Phase 04

Pallets can be shipped to the destination of choice via van, truck, LTL, or courier

We do whatever it takes to get your product to you

High-Purity Zeolite

Zeolite is commonly known as the ‘rock sponge’ for holding half its weight in liquid. With its strong Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), Zeolite is able to simultaneously absorb heavy metals while locking them away within its ‘cage-like’ molecular structure. 

Most notably, Zeolite has emerged as the smart and natural choice to replace fly ash in concrete for large scale construction as well as in ready-mix concrete for smaller residential projects. This is due to the fact that Zeolite was formed millions of years ago from volcanic ash thus making it the logical choice to replace fly ash.

Zeolite is also being used as the safe and preferred solution for artificial turf in-fill to replace shredded tires which can leach carcinogens into nature.

Pacific Minerals Group, LLC, is currently holding claims to some of the highest-purity clinoptilolite Zeolite mined in the Southwest today.

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Pacific Minerals Group Zeolite is approved by the FDA for ingestion by all animals, and is a beneficial dietary mineral.

While natural clinoptilolite zeolite is generally recognized as safe for human ingestion by the FDA, our zeolite is not handled for this purpose. We use industrial-grade zeolite equipment, and we do not prepare our material for human use.

We ship directly all over the world via truck, rail, and ocean freight. We can accommodate any freight to any location.

Yes, we package, label, and ship our zeolite under several brands.

Yes, we offer blending services. Contact us for more information.

Our zeolite, in its granular form, weighs approximately 50 lbs per cubic foot. A super sack of our milled material is generally sold in 1 metric ton (2,200 lbs), and our granular material is sold in one US ton (2,000 lbs).

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